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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Colin Powell

What do Saretta Berlin (yup, Mom again), Colin Powell, Liberace, and Mike White, President & CEO of DIRECTV, have in common? They all write handwritten, old fashioned (not email), notes for checking in, thanking someone, and keeping in touch. Of course, my Mom beats them all with up-to-date clippings, recipes, and articles of interest – literally everything! In fact, she once sent a clipping from the LA Times about an interaction with soy products and thyroid meds. This was something not one of the high-paid specialists I hired to assist with my daughter’s thyroid issue had thought, or knew, to tell me. As soon as I took soy out of her diet, she blossomed!

But, let’s get back to handwritten notes and the value there in. I think people like to get mail if it’s genuine and meaningful. All the better if it’s about something that interests them, perhaps a topic you touched on last time you met, or a feel good story. Regardless of what you choose to write, it’s always more charming and memorable to put it on paper than to send a quick email.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

Now, I bet you’re wondering why Liberace was on the list. When I was Entertainment Director at the Playboy Casino in Atlantic City, I was trying to get Liberace to perform in our theater. Truth be told, I had a very slim chance of making that happen. But, I attended his concert and his “people” escorted me backstage. As I recall, a bunch of folks were in his dressing room talking. Then, out of the blue, Liberace began telling everyone about a movie he loved that he couldn’t find on video – yeah, that’s how long ago this was! Naturally, I tracked down a copy and got it to him immediately. Though Liberace never performed at our casino, I received an amazing thank you note, hand drawn piano and all, that I treasure to this day.

The moral of the story? Take the time to send handwritten thank you notes! Doing so will make you unforgettable and show you appreciate what they did for you. In this high tech world it’s easy to give in to convenience, but when it comes to showing your gratitude it’s best to reach for the stationery.

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