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What Does Saretta Berlin Actually Know About Negotiating?

At 87-year-old my mother, Saretta Berlin, remains, to this day, one of the toughest negotiators around. In fact, she’s responsible for my very first lesson in negotiations. How did she do it? Well, she did so in an interesting way, and to get the most out of the lesson I’ll have to tell a story. […]

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Sometimes Good Deeds Go Unpunished

I’ve been very lucky in business in that I’ve had quite a few exceptions to the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished.” Case in point: I gave Michael Buffer (you know who I’m talking about – the fabulous boxing announcer who is famous for the phrase “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”) his first job. Did […]

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Meet the Right People With an Affinity Group

Do you want to meet the top executives in your industry? How about the decision makers of your company? Or, maybe the up-and-coming, hot new executive who’s work you’ve admired for some time? If you think this is impossible in today’s work environment, think again! You can either wait around for the chance opportunity to […]

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Colin Powell

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

What do Saretta Berlin (yup, Mom again), Colin Powell, Liberace, and Mike White, President & CEO of DIRECTV, have in common? They all write handwritten, old fashioned (not email), notes for checking in, thanking someone, and keeping in touch. Of course, my Mom beats them all with up-to-date clippings, recipes, and articles of interest – […]

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