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Cable / Satellite Network Carriage & Retransmission Consent Negotiations

Demonstrated history of shepherding deals to completion with favorable terms that protect current and future business needs. Competent and efficient dealmaker, known as a closer.

Content Acquisitions

Adept at identifying optimal content to compel subscriber acquisition and retention. Robust background licensing content rights for traditional and emerging platforms with a well-developed commercial sense.

Contract Database Management & Compliance

Attentive to areas of possible exposure and implementing effective contract database and compliance processes to prioritize blind spots and minimize risk.

Network Packaging & Pricing

Proficient with classifying and distributing programming across packages that balance competitive pricing with optimal margins.

Strategic Partnerships & Strong Entertainment Industry Relationships

Exceptional relationship building skills; known for astute observations and out-of-the-box ideas bringing even the most diverse parties together towards mutual business interests.

Platform Development & New Category Expansions

Experienced with spearheading the successful development of numerous niche platforms targeting long-tail subscribers, further enhancing acquisition and retention efforts.

Industry Best Practices

Strategic in conveying industry best practices to new entrants in order to improve competitiveness and ensure parity with traditional businesses.

Product & Service Innovations

Experienced with generating creative and actionable product enhancements and innovations. Effective communicator with cross-functional teams to steer new product ideation through to execution.

Organization Structure

Skilled at identifying and attracting solid talent and creating efficient organizations. Can scale from startup environment to fleshed-out corporate structure while remaining lean and retaining driven culture.

Expert Witness Testimony

Responsible, dependable, graceful demeanor bringing a sense of calm, informed experience, and keen responsiveness to any legal proceeding.

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